NeoLifting© is a face sculpting & holistic facial treatment that uses Buccal intraoral massage and manual lymphatic drainage to address age-related concerns by toning, strengthening and relaxing the main facial muscles. The treatment gives a prolonged lifting effect to the face, neck and décolleté without any side effects.

The technique lies in the deep understanding of how the facial muscles work and applying this fundamental knowledge to the treatment. Work is done on the face as well as inside the oral cavity, encouraging mindful breathing techniques and manual lymphatic drainage.

NeoLifting© produces amazing results. Not only do you feel completely relaxed, but your face appears re-energised and often more youthful.

-Facial muscles relax and muscle tone returns to normal.
-Aids in muscle recovery and restores facial posture.
-Eliminates spasms and blockages.
-Enables metabolism and tissue nourishment.
-Appearance and elasticity of the skin improves because of natural skin cell regeneration.

The Treatment:
This treatment is suitable for most skin types apart from those with inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, cystic and pustular acne.

At My Escape our treatment includes:

  • Double Cleanse
  • Radiance Enzyme Mask
  • Medical Grade LED
  • as well as the thorough NeoLift Buccal massage therapy.